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Joen’s First Annual Walk of Remembrance

May 18, 2020.  He should’ve been born any day now.  I’ve expressed to some friends that in my grieving, time has a peculiar way of moving both fast and slow. Either way, we’ve arrived at May 18, a day that is now significant but in a different way than we had imagined it to be.… Continue reading Joen’s First Annual Walk of Remembrance

Mama Grief, Motherhood, Parenthood, Pregnancy Loss, Stillbirth

A Fundraiser in Joen’s Name

It brings me excitement to share with our community, networks and the world that today we are launching a fundraiser in Joen’s name to support the BC Women’s Hospital through the BC Women’s Health Foundation! Read Joen's story here. From the moment James and I arrived home from the hospital on February 1st without Joen, I… Continue reading A Fundraiser in Joen’s Name

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Finding a sense of community

It’s been 14 days of missing Joen, which just so happens to land on February 14, Valentines Day. A lot has happened this week in my journey of grieving and healing. I’ve learned the importance of self care and compassion, for myself and James. In trying times like these, I see how it may be… Continue reading Finding a sense of community