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A Fundraiser in Joen’s Name

It brings me excitement to share with our community, networks and the world that today we are launching a fundraiser in Joen’s name to support the BC Women’s Hospital through the BC Women’s Health Foundation! Read Joen’s story here.

From the moment James and I arrived home from the hospital on February 1st without Joen, I felt so empty, alone and helpless. I poured myself into journaling as an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings of brokenness. But I wanted to do more for Joen other than writing about him and feeling sad for myself and our situation. I wanted to preserve and honour his memory, and I wanted to offer a way for our friends and family to do so too. Most of all, I wanted to make an impact on behalf of our son, because he has made such an impact on us. 

Click here to visit A Fundraiser in Joen’s Name

This led to the creation of a fundraiser in Joen’s name to support BC Women’s Hospital, a place with so much meaning to our family. It’s where Joen was born, and where our family of three was taken care of in such a kind and compassionate way. The hospital is a leader in providing the highest quality health care for women in BC, and one of the reasons they are able to is thanks to the BC Women’s Health Foundation which supports and funds the Hospital and its programs. That is where the money will be going. We will also be using the money raised to purchase a baby tile in Joen’s memory to be mounted on a dedicated baby tile wall in the hospital.

Joen’s Tree, a symbol of strength, growth and resilience that reminds us there is still beauty in nature, and life worth living, even after loss.

Those living in the Greater Vancouver area can purchase this t-shirt on the Mighty Joen website. There are also additional ways to provide support on the website.

In addition to raising money, we hope this fundraiser will serve as a vehicle to help raise awareness of pregnancy loss. Since losing Joen, James and I have shared our story in all its honesty and vulnerability, in hopes of letting people know that pregnancy loss happens more often than society thinks – it’s a devastating reality, but a reality that some of us have to learn to live with. And it’s not easy. I’ve made it a personal mission to put my time, energy, heart and soul into showing and sharing our love for Joen and creating opportunities for people to acknowledge him and say his name. Above all else, I hope that this fundraiser will help to do that.

Speaking of his name, the final donation made to BC Women’s Health Foundation will be in Joen’s name, because he is the reason James and I are parents, a gift that is so blessed and pure and is ours. He is the reason behind my words, my intent, my purpose and this fundraiser. He is the reason for it all.

With the help of friends, family and a supportive community of people around us, we are comforted and know in our hearts that Joen will always be missed and never be forgotten.

We hope you’re able to check out the Mighty Joen site and show support in any way you can between now and May 30. Thank you!



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