#OurChiuLoveStory – the perfect DIY wedding

My Instagram post sums it up quite accurately: Over the weekend, my big sister Eunice married the love of her life, Pearlie and I gained an older brother, and our family grew just a little bit bigger. May 23, 2015 was Eunice’s wedding day, a special day many young girls look forward to and that some even dream about.

The venue on Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect for the rustic styled wedding. Britannia Shipyards National Historic site represents a “once thriving community of canneries, boat yards, residences and stores.” (City of Richmond). It is a quaint waterfront village of wooden heritage buildings and boat centres connected by boardwalks. Eunice and Nate’s outdoor ceremony was followed by a reception inside one of the larger heritage buildings.

#OurChiuLoveStory was the perfect DIY wedding that Euni, Nate and all their friends and family dedicated their time, energy and creativity to. Leading up to the wedding, I’d helped with and seen different pieces and projects, but it wasn’t until the day of that I saw the final display; a culmination of Eunice and Nate’s fruits of labour and love. The wedding was simple yet beautiful and reflected their creativity, style and taste.

What an emotional moment it was to see my big sister looking so flawless in her perfectly fitted wedding dress and walking down the aisle with arms linked to both our parents on either side. Those of us who were present during this precious moment saw how moved my younger sister Pearlie and I were to see our big sis getting married – we were bawling our eyes out, Pearlie more so than I. The weather was perfect during the ceremony; Until the ceremony, it was overcast and mild, but to everyone’s surprise, the clouds parted and the sun shone just in time for Eunice and Nate to exchange their vows. The timing couldn’t have been better! (And some say it wasn’t just a coincidence :))

If you want inspiration for your DIY wedding or your next DIY project, look no further than #OurChiuLoveStory. It is impressive, admirable and frankly head-spinning to think about the effort, determination and patience that went into all of the woodwork and craftsmanship of pieces like the signage, the LOVE marquee, the table runners and center pieces, the cupcake stand, and the life-sized games: Jenga, Connect Four, Kirplunk and Checkers. Along with this entertainment for guests in between the ceremony and reception, a traditional but less formal tea ceremony took place, where Eunice and Nate poured tea for their elders in the family, which signifies the bride being formally introduced to the groom’s family.

After dinner (which was delicious btw, thanks Truffles!) during the reception, I gave my speech for Eunice, which left no dry eye in the room, my own included. I was grateful to get the chance to express my feelings of love and happiness for my sister, which have changed for the better over the years. Our relationship wasn’t the greatest when we were younger but as Margaret Mead said in the quote I read as part of my speech: Sisters are probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship. 

Overall, it was a beautiful weekend with non-stop tears of joy and laughter. Just thinking about it all makes me emotional! I absolutely love weddings and this one was that much more special because the beautiful bride was my own sister, and I was able to share one of the biggest and most special days in her life. Congratulations one more time to the newly weds Eunice and her hubby Nate! Here are some photos captured from #OurChiuLoveStory:


source: Natalie Koh
source: Natalie Koh
source: Natalie Koh
source: Natalie Koh

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3 thoughts on “#OurChiuLoveStory – the perfect DIY wedding

  1. Amazing DIY ideas. Love the wood block cupcake stand, and the “love” light letters. You and your sister looked gorgeous.

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