Fall outfit ideas for a casual work environment

If you’re like me, you have a separate summer and fall wardrobe, which you will switch up around this time of year. And if you’re like me, you love switching wardrobes from one season to the next because you end up finding a sweater or those jeans you forgot you had.

I’m thankful that I have the flexibility to dress in casual attire to work so I have more options on what I can mix and match. This year, I’ve decided I’m going to refrain from purchasing any new clothes for my fall wardrobe (ugh, priorities). But given that I have a lot of clothes from older seasons which I am comfortable wearing and styling with other newer pieces, I’ve discovered there are more than just a few new outfit combos I can come up with!

Don’t be afraid to wear something that is not from the current season because chances are, that style will become recycled so that what was once old will one day become new again. Just be confident in whatever you put together, and you’ll own it.

Check out some of my fall outfit ideas below. With the exception of the black skirt and red top, I’d wear all of these in a casual work environment.

image (3) image (8)

Outfit 1
Grey sweater, F21 – $20
Grey scarf, Hayven
Patterned pants (old), F21 – $25
Maroon oversized sweater – Winners – $30

image (7) image (11) image (10)

Outfit 2
Red top, Mexx – on sale for $20
Black skirt, F21 – $17

Outfit 3
Taupe sweater, H&M – on sale for $10 or $15 (can’t remember)
Brown dress pants (old), F21 – $30

Outfit 4
White tshirt (old), F21 – $16
(very old) Grey sweater, Urban Behaviour – between $30 and $40
Printed tights, Aritzia – warehouse sale for $9
Hunter boots – $200+ (they’re a good investment and fall staple!)


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