Shenanigans at The Burrard’s courtyard Tiki Romp

Last week, I attended The Burrard Motor Inn‘s Tiki Romp event that was held in celebration of their now fully licensed courtyard. After undergoing renovations in 2011, the hotel has been restored to how it looked when it first opened its doors in 1956. But with some modern design and retouching, ┬áit is now able to cater to the vintage taste and appeal of guests, regardless if they remember the 60’s or not.

The Tiki Romp was picturesque of a party scene from the 1960’s with conservatively dressed hotel staff in muted colors, kitschy yellow and teal painted walls, your choice of wine or cocktails, tons of delicious bite-sized goodies (in this case it was beef sliders, mini Vietnamese subs, crab salad in cucumber, lotus chips!), and throwback hits that many of us recognize (and maybe secretly jam to by ourselves). And the fountain and palm trees in the center of the courtyard was pretty neat-o too, I might add.

The Burrard’s courtyard is the perfect backdrop to grab drinks whether you’re on a date or with friends. I’d recommend checking this hot spot out because it’s different from your typical patio, restaurant or bar. Not only is it a blast from the past, it’s now fully licensed, which means you can expect more summertime shenanigans and Tiki Romp type parties held there!

The Burrard’s website

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