Where tough rubber meets the urban road

Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to and from work with the style, ease and comfort of Opus’ Classico Women’s bike from its Urbanista collection, designed and built specially for urban and road cycling. This quickly growing market of urban cyclists has emerged as the result of our culture’s desire to become more health and environmentally conscious yet still be able to look cool and hip while doing so. Enter the  Urbanista, which fulfills these desires and on top of that, gets points for being a durable and sturdy pair of wheels. Because I live a short distance from work and use my bicycle mainly for commuting purposes (and love to look cool and hip of course), the Urbanista is ideal for city riders like me.


Headquartered in Ville St. Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, Opus bikes are Canadian designed, and since establishment in 2000, there have been over 86 various bicycles built for every kind of terrain. The great thing about Opus bicycles is that they have a bicycle for riders at every level. In particular, the urban line of Opus bicycles provides cool and stylish options for those of us who are not focused on speed, performance or hardcore bike gear, but instead are more aligned with global movements – whether we know it or not – like “slow bike” or “chic cycle”. The philosophy behind these trends is simply to enjoy your bike ride, no matter how long or short the route or how fast or slow you travel. And most importantly: look good while on your bike of course!

After a couple of weeks, I got a good feel and gained a new found appreciation for urban cycling. Think of the Classico it as a 50’s or 60’s bike with a trendy upgrade. It has elements of what you would see on a classic vintage bicycle (minus the baguette in a basket!): a rear rack, raised handle bars, fenders and thick chain covers. At the same time, its sleek and lightweight black aluminum frame with brown leather detailing, and its long slender shape take it to the next level in terms of form and functionality. The Classico, putting aside its stylish and classy looks, proved to be practical and easy to handle during my rides. Travelling uphill required minimal effort because the bike itself was light (not to mention the wheels had the perfect amount of pressure, which is so crucial for any uphills), and going downhill was a breeze because I had steady control of its steering, stopping and pedaling.

With the many notable environmental, health and social benefits of riding a bicycle versus driving a car, it is becoming more common to see urban cyclists commuting to and from work, creating a greater demand for bicycles like the Classico. While it may not be the best bicycle to take off-roading or enter in a grand fondo sporting event, I would definitely recommend the Classico, or any bicycles in the Opus Urbanista line for recreational cycling, or commuting to and from work. I will be the first person to tell you that I’m no avid cyclist, but I can appreciate that Opus has made it a priority to design, build and make available first-class urban bicycles. With the Classico, my commutes to work were smooth, relaxing and because I am an advocate of the “bike slow” movement, very scenic! I have to admit, it’s been difficult to transition back to riding my current bicycle which has a steel frame, heavy tires and a seat that is not as comfortable as the one on the Classico!

Price points range for Urbanista bicycles, but here are some of the more affordable styles that you can find on the Opus website.

Zermatt (men’s & women’s) – $728
Cervin (men’s & women’s) – $640
Classico (men’s & women’s) – $592
Porto (Men’s) – $608
Lisboa (Women’s) – $608
Topolino (Men’s & women’s) – $560

If you are looking for a bicycle to ride leisurely and/or get you from home to work on a daily basis, AND if you appreciate a retro and throwback style, you will definitely want to check out the Urbanista collection ifyou are in the market for a new bicycle!


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