$10 well spent at Joe Fresh

If you think that $10.00 can’t get you anything when it comes to shopping for clothes these days…well, you are probably right. However, there are the occasional odd purchases here and there that you may be lucky to come across. This is one of those purchases for me. $10 dress from Joe Fresh! It was originally $39, so that’s a savings of almost 75%! I know the price tag below looks mangled up, probably because it was reduced and then further reduced…which was even better for me.

Quick style tips: You can’t go wrong with a solid black dress because you can change your look easily just by layering, wearing leggings or what footwear you wear with it. I love the bit of ruching by the hip area of this Joe Fresh dress, because it adds more depth/shape and is more flattering on my not-so curvy body. Because it was nice out today, I wore the dress without stockings or leggings and paired it with my brown Aldo boots. Finally, to add some color and pop to the outfit, I wore my newest red Izzy & Ali bag that my sister gave me for my Birthday. I adore it so much!

Joe_Fresh_3 Joe_Fresh_1



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