My daily makeup routine

If I told you I went everyday natural and without wearing makeup, I’d be lying…but that doesn’t mean I pile it on either. I like to wear some makeup everyday (certain days I wear more), and I have a very particular application routine from which I rarely stray…curious if other girls do too! Here’s my beauty insider scoop on how I do my everyday makeup:

  1. Minimal foundation – I don’t wear powder, but I like – more like need – to wear a bit of concealer under my eyes and around my nose. As you girls know, it helps to hide blemishes and smooth out the skin.
  2. Eyebrows – I didn’t start filling in my eyebrows until last year, and since then I’ve been through the ups and downs of brows. At one point, I liked thicker brows, but then I started to fill them in less and less, and at one point they were fairly thin (I think it’s because of the eyebrow pencil I was using…never go too light!), but now I’m satisfied with the thickness and shade of my brows. A key hint that I wish I knew back then: Don’t draw your eyebrows in too dark!!
  3. Highlighter – the reason I apply highlighter on before my primer is because I like to apply blush or bronzer on top of the highlighter…so I put it on first to give it time to dry! Weird eh? Some people apply with their fingers and blend, but I prefer using a dedicated highlighter brush. I think I go highlighter, blush/bronzer then highlighter because it gives my cheeks more of a glow.
  4. Eye shadow/liner primer – Since I discovered primer, I almost always apply it on my lids before any eye liner or eye shadow…and it definitely makes eye shadows more vibrant and saturated and helps ensure that my liner doesn’t smudge.
  5. Mascara – I always apply a generous amount, but I try to avoid too many re-coating because that causes clumping.
  6. Bottom liner – Using the other side of my pencil liner which is a smudging tool, I smudge along my bottom liner, making sure the line isn’t too defined or dark. Usually I use it to help angle my top liner first, so there is already some colour on the smudge tip. The key for me is not to get my bottom liner too dark otherwise I look scary…
  7. Blush or bronzer – depending on what I’m wearing that day!
  8. Lastly, I like to take whatever is left on my highlighter blush and sweep it across my cheeks again, for a both dewy and glowing look.

After reading all 8 steps I’ve outlined,  it sounds like my makeup routine is quite a timely process, even though it doesn’t seem that way in the morning! Regardless, I thought it’d be fun to write out how I primp and prime my face to get it ready for the world everyday! If you’re anything like me, you’re curious as to how long girls take to put their face on, and what exactly they go through during the process. There’s your not-so-exclusive inside scoop – hope you enjoyed it! :p



6 thoughts on “My daily makeup routine

    1. @joannaholly: Aw thanks, my dear!! 🙂 And I am definitely on the same page as you: I use my UD eyeshadow primer no matter what I apply on my eyes! It’s a lifesaver! Thanks for reading xoxo

  1. Love the post so much i got to do this stuff one day. Omg you are the best. Can’t beliebier that this great postdizzles is not followed more often. Shame on those people.

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