And the colour of the year is…


As they do every year, has released the official colour of the year and if you pay any attention to fashion, you wouldn’t be shocked to know that it is Emerald Green. If you look back at the previous colours of the years, they are all more or less reflective of the hues and tones seen on the runway and that are popular in retail stores. Vibrant colours have been very trendy the last year or two- red, yellow, purple, blue, orange – so it was only a  matter of time for green to become an official colour of the year.


Nearing the end of 2012, I started noticing green making more of an appearance in stores, from denim and trousers to blazers, coats and dresses. Don’t expect it to go away anytime soon either. In fact, I just bought two green tops last week – one sleeveless top from Forever 21 and one forest green low back long-sleeve from Zara!

IMG_20130225_084711  IMG_20130224_213759

IMG_20130222_204750  IMG_20130224_214031

But the colour of the year isn’t only depicted in clothing; it’s seen in accessories, jewellery, stationary, interior decoration and household equipment.


So whether it is in around your home, an item of clothing or a piece of furniture, make sure to get yourself something in the shade of Emerald Green this year!



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