My running essentials

running gear


I’ve been running regularly for about five years now. From experience as well as learning the hard way, I am confident that what you wear when you go for a run or partake in any exercise does make a difference in your performance and workout. However, I’m not implying that my running gear is top of the line or the most ergonomically designed nor am I endorsing just one athletic brand. I’m just saying that there are a few essential items I wear that I think contribute to a more comfortable run and as a result, allow me to run faster and for a longer period of time.


I used to wear baggy clothing to run because I didn’t really care how I looked and I wanted to wear “uglier” clothes because I knew I’d be sweaty after my run any way. But – apart from the baggy clothing being uncomfortable and not ideal for running – looking good for a workout or run makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you feel motivated and pumped. I do wear sweat pants and hoodies for some runs, but they’re not overly large or heavy.

Like I said, the baggy non dri-fit clothing I wore back in the day was NOT ideal for running: it was heavy, I’d sweat through it so easily and I’d feel so hot and uncomfortable half way through my run. As a result, I found value in investing in some decent running gear – and at decent prices of course. Here are my running essentials (not necessarily worn altogether):

  • A comfy sports bra – I can’t stand running or doing any exercise in a regular bra… talk about discomfort
  • Running full-length or cropped tights – feels like you’re wearing nothing at all!
  • Ankle socks – I wear these in case I want to roll up my sweats during the run! :p
  • Light weight sweater, t-shirt, tank top – I don’t necessarily always wear dri-fit shirts, but I make sure that any shirt or sweater I do wear for a run isn’t too baggy and won’t make me feel like I’m running with extra weight
  • Vest – I always wear a vest during winter running – it’s so cold and it’s a great way to layer up
  • Hat – helpful for those rainy days! I hate running with the rain on my face! Pet peeve I guess…
  • Running gloves – Just discovered my love for these over the winter! Cold hands and fingers are no fun during a run
  • Comfy runners – this is SO important. It doesn’t matter how pretty your shoes look, if they are uncomfy or hurt your feet during your run, I guarantee you won’t wear them. Sadly I have a couple of these type of runners, and though I love them (they’re so pretty), I notice my feet always hurt after awhile, so I will probably have to retire them soon
  • And although I didn’t include a photo above, an essential that pumps me up and keeps me going during my run is music!

And I wasn’t bluffing about getting these for decent prices. I purchased my Nike and Adidas runners for $50-$60 US from the outlets in the states, my sports bras and shorts from Nordstrom Rack for $20 and my tights and my Helly Hansen base layer from Winners – $22 for the Reebok tights and $60 for the base layer, which retails at $130!

I recommend investing in few essential items for running, working out or playing sports – it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune – and you will see and feel a difference. “Sweat everyday.”




2 thoughts on “My running essentials

  1. Totally agree, what you wear when you work out is important because if you feel comfortable and you know you look good, you WILL be more confident and do better.

    For running, properly fitted running shoes is so important too!

    Workout gear is sooo expensive but it’s the one thing I don’t feel guilty about splurging on because I know it’s a good investment and I’ll make good use out of it! I just bought myself (and the boyfriend) new cycling toques to keep our ears warm in the morning, cycling booties to keep our shoes warm and dry in the rain, leggings, bike shoes + pedals and a Garmin.. I love love love shopping for fitness gear!! It’s great motivation too!

    1. Katy, I’m so glad we see eye to eye – I agree with EVERYTHING in your comment. I like to look good while I work out, not so much for everyone else, but more for myself! I will spend more on certain pieces that I know will be staples for my run/workout, and everything else, I just buy from the states – way cheaper than over here! Sounds like you and Trieu are prepared for any type of weather Vancouver throws at you while you cycle! Good for you 🙂

      You know your priorities have changed when you become excited to shop for workout gear as opposed to dressy clothes! :p

      Thanks for reading xoxo

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