The Parlour Restaurant opens in Yaletown

[all photos are my own  © 2013 eudorable]


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend the official launch of The Parlour Restaurant in Yaletown – the newest addition to Yaletown’s neighborhood of restaurants and is on Hamilton, beside Cactus and Hapa.

IMG_20130129_184220 IMG_20130129_184958

The Parlour Restaruant has been set up like a true historical parlour – which was the best room in a home to display fine items – adorned with collectibles, antique furnishings and custom artwork. The name is also appropriate, as it is a space in which guests can sit, talk and relax in addition to enjoying comfort food and a variety of drinks. And speaking of food and drinks, you can find everything from pizzas, deli sandwiches, soups, salads and shared dishes. The kitchen is very much open concept in The Parlour, meaning you can see cooks and chefs making your pizzas fresh, and pulling them from the gargantuan authentic woodstone pizza oven. I was very impressed by the signature pizzas, especially how soft the crust was (I usually hate crusts). I didn’t get to try all of their drinks, but from the menu, they serve a variety of craft beers and wines on tap.

IMG_20130129_184429 IMG_20130129_191014

IMG_20130129_191109 IMG_20130129_203026


A very important factor that either keeps me coming back or staying away from any restaurant is the vibe I get from walking into the environment. And when I walked into The Parlour, I felt comfortable and “chill”, a feeling I think other guests would appreciate as well. The Parlour has managed to cultivate a modern social environment that still has a rustic feel like when you see red bricks or raw wooden tables or benches. Or a framed piece of artwork by the washroom consisting of gold bras (yes, it’s true!). I love old-fashion vintage decor, and am a big fan of how it has been incorporated into The Parlour, helping to make it more down to earth and not “hoity toity”, in my opinion. I’d definitely go back to The Parlour for both dining and lounging.

Check out their full food and drinks menu on The Parlour Restaurant’s website.

Read my full article about The Parlour Restaurant on Modern Mix Vancouver.

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