Styling the corporate world

Though working in a corporate environment generally means no jeans or tees—except maybe Casual Fridays for some—it shouldn’t make you feel like your style options are limited. In fact, if you take away jeans and tees, you are actually almost forced to expand and broaden your options to new outfits and combinations you haven’t worn before.

I used to worry about what I would wear for an office job, because I thought I was limited to black pants and white shirts. However, fashion and style have evolved and expanded to broader horizons so now it’s more common to see modern and trendy styles around the office. Who says you can’t dress up or look stylish for work and still be professional? As a young professional in the marketing and communications industry, I be sure to make an effort to look well put together on a daily basis. Remember, you gotta look the part!

The above are examples of outfits I would wear at work in a corporate environment. I am not one to wear skirts or shorts to work—at least not yet—so I stick with trousers, pants and your standard cardigan or blazer.

Until recently I’ve been only wearing black or dark colored trousers, mainly because I thought they would be the easiest to match and because I thought black was the go-to color for a corporate work environment. Though the latter may be true for some, it generally doesn’t hold for many others, especially those who are fashion risk-takers and like to be bold in their appearance.

You’ve all heard it before: ________ (fill in the blank with pink, red, blue, green, yellow)is the new black. This emphasizes that wearing colors in today’s fashion and working scene is trendy. So don’t be afraid to wear red trousers with a printed blouse, or a bold and vibrant colored top or shoes. While wide-leg pants may also be trendy, I still prefer my skinny/cigarette pant trouser that shows a bit of my ankle – rawr. I’m really digging colored trousers at the moment, so I will be adding more to my wardrobe as we head closer to spring and summer….though both seem so distant now.. Last thing I want to add is that I’m not a big fan of printed trousers ONLY because I find them really difficult to pair many tops with. Having said that, I do have a zebra printed pair in my wardrobe…which I’ve only worn once…

Style in the corporate world varies a lot. Take it from me: the possibilities of what you can mix and match are limitless, so have a look at what I’ve styled and get inspired! These are actual outfits I wore to work last week –  nothing too dressy or fancy, and all outfits I feel comfortable in. Till next time!

4-outfits trousers



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