Marathon season in full stride

If you’ve read previous posts on or have seen photos from my Twitter or Instagram (especially of lately), you’ll know I live to run. Ever since high school, I’ve been running to keep myself in shape and equally as important, to unwind, feel rejuvenated and get my mind off the ugly things. Since I’ve started working a “real” job (9-5), I run almost every day to keep my body and mind refreshed. Also, I have more energy after a run, which leads to productivity – whether it’s doing my laundry, cleaning the house or writing a blog post!

Until recently, I have been running around my neighborhood and have tried several different routes that are all similar distance, with varying levels of difficulty (hills, hills hills). However, because I am running two half marathons this year (Vancouver Marathon and SeaWheeze) as well as the Sun Run and Color Me Rad (Only 5km but SO fun, I highly encourage it!), I feel like it’s time to take my running up a level and start training. I haven’t gone so far as to get a personal coach or pay for running clinics, but I have been diligently timing myself every run, and pacing myself so that I don’t burn out after 20 or 30 minutes. I’ve heard a good way to vary the intensity of running is by wearing a heart rate monitor, which is supposed to be an indicator of exercise intensity and a tool to gain stamina….but I’ve also heard that many experienced runners don’t train with a heart rate monitor and that they rely on perceived exertion, or how hard they feel their body is working. Based on this, they can control the intensity of their runs and pace themselves accordingly. Not that I’m an experience or elite runner, but I would prefer the latter as opposed to the former because I feel like I am the best person to know how hard I am running and if I can push myself harder or if I need to take a breather and walk for a minute or two.

IMG_20130120_171636   IMG_20130119_134334

IMG_20130119_125545  IMG_20130120_130529

I’m always on the lookout for training techniques and methods to help me become a better runner, so long as they don’t require me lugging something around while I am running or change my diet in a ridiculous way. But for now, I am content with putting on my running gear and going for daily runs (as much as I can) with my pup Elroy. I usually run longer on the weekends so I can train my endurance and long-distance strength. The weekdays are dedicated to working on hills and speed. By no means am I a personal trainer or a fitness guru – I just love running; it’s become part of who I am and what I need to live a healthy and balanced life. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see my training journey as I work towards two half marathons as well as getting my desired goal time for the Sun Run and Color Me Rad!


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