Movember is back and hairier than ever

A few weeks ago, I was at the Charles Bar for the official Movember launch party. It was an intimate setting, and a perfect one to get the Movember mission, vision and message across to the crowd. And indeed the message was clear: Mo Bros, if you haven’t already, make sure to register with a clean shaven face, and grow your ‘stache throughout the month, wearing it as a symbol of positive change and affect for men’s health. Register or sign up with a team on the website and get dollars for those mo’s! Mo Sistas: Even though we may not be able to grow a moustache (kudos to you if you can..!), we sure as heck can stick a fake one on our upper lip or draw one on our index finger and put it under our nose! And it doesn’t hurt to donate to the Mo Bro’s to help them achieve their fundraising goal! The point is not to just sport a fake moustache throughout Movember, but to do so while helping to raise money for Movember Canada.

Movember is a great workplace campaign–just create a company name for a team, and recruit your co-workers to join in the fundraising efforts! Also, there’s a bunch of fundraising events that you and your co-workers or friends can attend in support of Movember (like the one I was at in the picture below). Check out what’s happening and where on the website.

Last but not least: Read my article about the Movember launch party on Modern Mix Vancouver.



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