Elroy Goes To Daycare

This blog has been on a mini hiatus since a few months ago, but moving forward I’m going to try and blog at least once or twice a week.

And today I’ve decided to blog about my little Smellroy (Elroy) going to daycare for the very first time.

Until recently, I’ve been nervous about Elroy being around other dogs because he’s super excitable/hyper, and there was an incident at the dog park last November where Elroy and Kahlu–who were both off leash–got in a scuffle with this other dog who was on leash. After that, my energy around Elroy changed and I was especially terrified with him being around small dogs. If you watch The Dog Whisperer, you will know that an owner’s energy always rubs off onto their dog, and mine was a classic case where I was scared to walk Elroy around other dogs or have him off-leash, and it really came across in my tone of voice and body language. So this began the vicious cycle of me not socializing Elroy enough, and him being more protective/dominant when we were around other dogs. It was terrible.

As a dedicated dog owner (and I’m sure there are lot out there who can relate), it was my worst nightmare for my dog not to be able to socialize with other dogs, because it would only make worse the situation. I started mustering up the courage to bring him around more dogs, and I had a more positive energy and vibe when another dog approached Elroy and I during runs or walks. While all this was very helpful to Elroy’s socialization, I knew that the best situation was for him to be in an environment where he would be able to interact and play with other dogs, and at the same time, be put in his place, which is what a lot of dominant dogs need.

I talked to my friend’s sister who works at a doggy daycare in Vancouver called Adventure Den (shout out and plug to all the awesome staff there!), and she convinced me that Elroy would be okay in daycare. Of course I was nervous at first, because Elroy seemed so unpredictable and I wasn’t sure what he would do in daycare. I had so much negative thinking since the incident at the dog park, but what I hadn’t acted on was that dogs get into scuffles and then they go on as if nothing happened. And this was the case with Elroy when he got into that scuffle, except I kept being nervous because of it, which caused him to be more dominant/anxious.

Long story short, I decided to bring Elroy to daycare, but you can be sure on that first day, I kept calling every 20 minutes to check on how he was doing! I felt like my little boy was going to Kindergarten for the first time :*)

Since I’ve brought Elroy to daycare, I’ve seen such a drastic improvement in his behaviour…and mine. I don’t bring him to daycare every day; just once or twice a week is enough for him.  I’m so much more confident walking him, and with him being around other dogs. What’s silly is that at one point, I thought there was something wrong with my dog and that he was aggressive and needed training class. He didn’t. All he needed was for me to be more positive, confident and of course he needed to be around dogs more often. And you wouldn’t believe how much Elroy’s well being improves my well being. Knowing that my dog can be around other dogs and play at daycare makes my day significantly better and lets me sleep peacefully at night, when before I was constantly worried.

So there you have it. The full story about Elroy, and how miraculous doggy daycare has proved to be in our situation. My life has improved tenfold! Thanks for reading!

Lots of slobbery hugs and kisses,
eudorable and elroy ❤

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