Harley Davidson Brings Ladies Together for a Great Cause

Last Thursday, Vanessa (@modernmixvan) and I attended an women-only fundraiser called HD Precious Metal, benefitting the Canadian charity Rethink Breast Cancer. This organization offers younger women a newer and more modern perspective on breast cancer and makes it something that isn’t uncomfortable to talk about. With Harley Davidson Canada’s help, Rethink Breast Cancer was able to bring together a very classy and influential group of ladies to raise their own profile as well as raise money for their organization.

One of the many photo ops Vanessa and I had on Harley Davidson motorcycles!

Upon arriving at the event, if you didn’t know that HD in HD Precious Metal stood for Harley Davidson, you would’ve known as soon as you walked into the spacious Salt Building, where the event was held. There were motorcycles left, right and center, and the best part (being a typical girl) was that there were plenty of photo opportunities with the bikes! And what kind of women-only event would it be without the bubbly! Each guest was given two drink tickets, providing them with plenty of booze from the bar.

Beautiful acrobats/contortionists!

I had tonnes of fun at the event, mingling and meeting new people, watching the Harley Davidson fashion show, the amazing acrobats entertaining everyone with their cirque du soleil type of movies, eating the delicious bite sized treats from Roaming Dragon as well as the mini cupcakes so generously provided by Cupcake Girls. And to add to the food and drinks were the free services offered to ladies that evening. Foot massages, makeup, touching up were all free, and I think (don’t quote me on this) if you wanted to get your eyebrows or lashes done, it was either free, or the proceeds went towards Rethink Breast Cancer.  The evening was a great ladies night full of fashion, fun, pampering, and of course raising money and awareness for breast cancer amongst the younger crowd. Thanks to Vanessa for inviting me as her +1 (love ya!) as well as all the event sponsors, the main one being Harley Davidson Canada. More pictures below!


Me and Nira Arora from the Beat 94.5!
Vanessa and I with Gemma from Hawksworth Communications
Vanessa and I with Mary Zilba from the Real Housewives of Vancouver!
Mini cupcakes courteousy of Cupcake girls
At HD Precious Metal with Vanessa

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