Less Is More

It’s true that accessories can make or complete an outfit, but you have to be careful with what you add on so that it doesn’t end up looking tacky or too busy.

In a time when less really is more, there are some things to consider when putting together your outfit, whether it is accessories, patterns, texture or colors:

  • Wear either a big and bold necklace and no earrings, or big earrings and no (or a very simple) necklace
  • Come to think of it, do you even need necklace and/or earrings with your outfit today?
  • When wearing statement or standout items, build your outfit around it so that it is the one and only attention-grabbing piece; everything else should be neutral or complementing, and not competing for attention.
  • Do you really need to wear that belt with that outfit? Think about the philosophy of “less is more” and then make a decision.
  • Probably the easiest rule in the book: Even though bold colours add vibrancy to any outfit, don’t try and be too colorful; it will be very obvious
  • Have a balance between textures or patterns and solid, neutral tones. Sometimes just a classic grey v-neck baggy sweater with metallic or coloured trousers and black flats or heels is perfect rather than trying to mix and match and over-styling your outfit.
  • A black or solid coloured dress on its own is completely fine; if you want, accessorize it with a skinny or thick belt (depending on the style of the dress), or a simple gold or silver bracelet and nothing else. In this case, it could be your shoes or your bag that is the standout item.
  • Even when wearing colours, “less is more” is still applicable; just keep different colours in an outfit to a minimum. For example, tan and black combo is very in right now, but don’t over-do it by adding too many more colours to the mix.

It’s not hard to dress accordingly with the “less is more” philosophy—many times all it takes is going over your outfit and seeing what can be removed or minimalized in order to bring out a colour or make something stand out in your outfit. You can’t go wrong and won’t look too boring with a classic and simple outfit; after all, those are the ones that take most effort to create!



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