Making Exercise Fun (or at least bearable!)

Let’s face it: if you associate exercising with negative thoughts (eg, it’s boring,  I’m tired, I don’t have time, I’m not in shape, I’m not looking forward to it, in fact I’m dreading it) you will have a very difficult time incorporating exercise into your daily list of things to do. And when I say exercising, I don’t mean playing volleyball with your friends or doing sports (you don’t need to find ways to make this type of exercise fun and if you do then something’s wrong with you!); rather, I’m referring to working out, or the thing that many detest the most: running or doing cardio.

Credit: Be Like A Kid Blog

So how do you make exercise fun (and as the title suggests, bearable) so that you look forward to doing it every day or every other day? Here are some tips that help motivate me (and hopefully you too!):

  • Listen to upbeat music: whether you’re at the gym or outside, having music with a good beat will make you feel like moving around which is perfect for exercising!  When I used to go to the gym more often (now I just run outside), I used to watch music videos on the TV attached to the treadmill. This helped time pass by so much faster. You know it’s true too!
  • Buy proper work out or exercise gear so that you know you’ll look good while working up a sweat 😉
  • Exercise in the morning: this scraps the excuses that might emerge later in the day if you keep putting it off
  • Go with a friend? I personally prefer running or exercising by myself unless I’m playing sports, but some people feel more motivated if they have a workout or running buddy to kick their butt once in awhile.
  • Think ahead to how great and refreshed you will feel after your workout or exercise–that is usually enough to get me out the door.
  • If you’re a runner like I am, try out a few different routes rather than running in a circle on a track. I can’t stand doing laps. I feel like it’s a drag and I don’t like seeing the same thing over again. I like seeing new scenery, so I run all over the city (or in Burnaby’s case, the suburbs?)
  • Try taking a dance/exercise class like jazzercise to really have fun exercising. Dancing while burning calories? Best combo ever!

The one thing that I wanted to add on that list, but won’t work for everyone is, to run with your dog! This is THE BEST and MOST FUN way I get exercise (besides volleyball and sports with friends of course. Those are a given). I know Elroy needs to get out and run (dogs are born natural runners), so this motivates me to bring him out everyday for his daily dose of exercise. I mentioned this before in a blog post, but I’ll gladly say it again. I have Elroy to thank for keeping me in shape 🙂 Not only is he my best furry friend, he also the #1 reason I am living a healthy lifestyle.

But for others out there who don’t have an Elroy, there must be something or someone that is symbolic of Elroy and makes exercising fun for you just the way he does for me!




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