“The Most Colorful 5K You Will Ever Run”

Running 5K? Umm mayyyyybe.

source: http://www.colormerad.com

Running 5K with every color of the rainbow being splashed onto me every 5-10 minutes? HELLS YES.

I just found out about Color Me Rad earlier this afternoon when my friend emailed me to participate. I can’t believe I didn’t know something this awesome even existed! And here in Vancouver!

Benefiting Keep A Breast Foundation, Color Me Rad takes place all over North America, with the slogan “Run For The Hell of It”, since we’ve come a long way from running only to escape danger or the authorities. The concept is so simple but so brilliant: Start a 5k run off with a plain white t-shirt, and when the race starts, every 5 minutes, waves of runners will be splashed with blue, green, pink, purple and  yellow “non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, Kroger branded, colored corn-starch” (http://www.colormerad.com/about.html). By the end of the run, you will be covered head-to-toe in colors of the rainbow! And you will love every minute of it!

source: http://www.colormerad.com

Color Me Rad Vancouver

Date: Saturday August 18, 2012
Time: 9AM start
Location: Thunderbird Stadium UBC

Early registration costs $45 and ends on July 6. You can sign up in teams of up to 100 people, so gather all your rowdy friends! This will be my first time participating in Color Me Rad, so you can be sure I will have tonnes of photos from before, during and after the run! What better way to spend your Saturday morning than to get exercise, do it for a great cause….and get hit by a rainbow all in one morning! What are you waiting for?? Add some color into your life and sign up!! I’m so pumped just writing about it!

Check out this video to get a better, brighter idea of how the colorful 5k event works:

More info at:
Color Me Rad website

Color Me Rad Facebook
Color Me Rad Twitter


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