5 Easy Summer Cocktails and Drinks…with 7UP

I know there are tones of recipes out there on how to brew the perfect sangria—only problem is, I don’t like following recipes, especially  those with so many little teaspoons and scoops of ingredients, it just seems like such a hassle.

So to counter that, I found that when in doubt, the one key ingredient I need to mix a quick drink (you know, on those nights when getting ready goes from ½ an hour to 2 hours…) is 7 Up or Sprite. Don’t believe me? Here are 5 summer cocktails and drinks you can create with the main mixer being 7 Up/Sprite:

  1. Sangria: Wine + 7 Up/Sprite + orange juice + (frozen) fruits + sugar if you want
  2. Vodka 7: Vodka + 7 Up/Sprite
  3. Alize 7: Alize + 7 Up/Sprite
  4. Tropical quencher: Malibu + pineapple juice + 7 Up/Sprite + frozen strawberries + fresh mango pieces
  5. My version of a cheap champagne: Wine + 7 Up/Sprite

7 Up/Sprite is such a neutral carbonated flavor that it goes well with almost all juices, and is a great way to condense those thick guava, lychee or mango juices. It’s definitely my go-to for summer cocktails. If you haven’t tried mixing any of the above, give it a shot! And if you have, then I’m sure you know how precious 7 Up/Sprite is when it comes to making an alcoholic beverage taste that much better: D


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