Outlet Shopping Is My Vice

It’s been confirmed: Outlet shopping is my vice. I just went to the states (again!) last week, so I’m writing another shopping haul blog post to share what I bought (all cheap because I went to the outlet!)

Initially I set out to buy running gear because I’m really into wearing bright/colourful apparel when I head outdoors with Elroy. Fortunately, I was able to find a few items in my size and decently priced at the Nike and Reebok outlet (See USD price points below). Unfortunately, that wasn’t all my shopping consisted of.

Nike shorts- $18 from $30 (not in the photo, I can’t find them for some reason! >__<)
Nike exercise top- $18 from $35
Reebok shorts- $20
Reebok sports bra- $13 from $25

I thought I’d “casually browse”  the watches at Fossil because if you remember from my previous posts, Fossil is a manufacturer of many designer brand watches like Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Diesel, and of course Michael Kors. And for the record, “casually browse”, more often than not means purchasing something…

This is the newest addition to my Michael Kors collection: The Michael Kors ‘Jet Set’ Bracelet Watch with a three-eye multi-function dial that glitters with Swarovski crystals (Ooh lala). This bracelet watch retails for $242 CAD at Nordstrom but at Fossil, I bought it for $105 USD because there was an additional 25% off in lieu of Memorial Day long weekend. Score!

Everything else from that shopping trip was from the Banana Republic Outlet, which is by the way now one of my favorite places for business casual work attire…key word is “Outlet” because normally in my opinion, some of their items can be heavily overpriced and out of my price range (poor mouse here). But at the outlets, I could go crazy with the buying because items are marked down to lower than 50% off!

A fine example of this insane discount is my new white dress, which was originally $100 USD, but marked down to $30 USD. I know, something must be wrong with it right? Wrong! I tried it on, examined it, and I am convinced it was marked down just because they needed to get rid of it and it was one of the last ones—I know this because I found it in Clearance.

I also found a pair of very practical black trousers which I can wear with almost any top in my wardrobe. The length is ideal too, because they’re narrow and cropped at the ankle, but not too short either. Since summer is fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to purchase a couple of summer weather appropriate items. I found a pair of white linen trousers for only $20 USD, which are thin, but so fitting for a nice day out or if I wanted to wear them to work. To match with but not limited to the white linen pants, I bought a patterned sleeveless top with a slit at the neckline. It’s so summery yet classy, I love it! And finally, how can you go wrong with a grey polyester/rayon cardigan, especially if it’s on sale for only $16.99 USD!

So to sum it all up…
Was it a successful shopping trip? Yes. Did I buy more than anticipated? Definitely. But do I adore everything I bought because I got such a great deal on it and saved over $245 USD? Absolutely. Would you agree that outlet shopping is your vice as well? After all, when you do make a trip down to the states, it’s usually with the intent to spend, spend spend!



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