A New York Styled SALONTEA Arrives in Vancouver

Over the weekend, I attended the grand opening and launch (tea) party of Tracy Stern SALONTEA, a unique twist to what I normally consider high tea. SALONTEA originated from New York City, and while it is all over the United States, it is now opening its FIRST EVER CANADIAN boutique right in the South Granville neighborhood, on Granville and 14th.

What sets this little tea boutique apart from other places around the city that serve high tea is that–first of all, it’s called a “salon”, or “tea boutique”–giving it that fancy and chichi look and feel. And trust me, SALONTEA lives up to its name. Unlike a traditional place that serves tea, the walls of SALONTEA are white tile, and everything looks very minimalistic, modern, and open concept. The high ceilings add another unique aspect to the salon that serves high tea, as tea parties are usually thought to be in a smaller and closed area with floral wallpaper and vintage/antique looking cups, pots and even silverware.

SALONTEA gives tea time a “New York meets Baroque” kick in the butt. Expect to see bright colours like orange, pink, blue, brown, when visiting the boutique. But never fear, you can also expect the familiar teas and treats we all love at high tea like scones, salmon sandwiches, and pastries that will satisfy any sweet tooth. For all you lovers of high tea, I definitely recommend hitting up SALONTEA the next time you’re in the South Granville area. It’s quite the edgy and stylish high tea experience!
Check out their website:http://salontea.com/.

And be sure to read my article on SALONTEA on Modern Mix Vancouver. While you’re here, enjoy some photos I took with my trusty Nexus S!


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