My Motivation for Running

You may have seen the article posted just a couple days ago on The Bark, titled “Dogs are Born to Run“, written by JoAnna Lou. I couldn’t agree more with what she has to say about dogs and humans having a natural innate desire to run, another trait that makes humans more similar to their furry best friends. That article has inspired me to write about my motivation to run and be healthy, a large part being thanks to my dog.


Instead of focusing on the findings that pups experience the same “runner’s high”  that humans do, after reading JoAnna’s article on The Bark, it got me thinking that before I had Elroy, even though I was running, I was only doing it because I knew it was good for me to exercise. I didn’t really run because I enjoyed it. But since having a dog, I find that I look forward to getting out there with Elroy and experiencing the “runner’s high” with him, as we’re both always exhausted by the end of our run, but feeling great. As was mentioned in the article, sometimes it does take quite a bit of effort and motivation to get up, get changed into your running gear and envision the long trek ahead of you outside.

It’s with this exact mentality that people ask me how I’m able to go running so often. And I admit–sometimes I DO dread going out for a run—but that never lasts long, and that’s because of two reasons:

1) I’m sure you’ve all come to realize that it’s actually always a dread to think about working out, exercising, etc, but when you’re actually at the gym, outside, running, you feel so refreshed and energized! So…stop thinking and start doing!

2) Elroy 🙂 Since Elroy is a big dog who needs a lot of exercise, and I try to be the best owner that I can be, I want to make sure he gets to go out as much as possible….which means I am out with him running everywhere! It’s very rare that I will run without Elroy, because if I am going for a run, I know he’d enjoy it too.

3) Food tastes better after a good workout or run! If that’s not motivation enough, then I don’t know what is! :p

As for the gym, I admit I am not a fan of working out, but come on, any exercise is good exercise! And for me, exercise involves a lot of cardio, endurance training, and muscle toning, and not so much muscle building or strengthening. If you don’t have a dog, all is not lost :p Just do as I suggest and stop thinking about going to the gym or going out for a run or swim because that’s only going to result in you dreading it so much that you won’t end up going! I’d recommend going to the gym, for a swim, or going for a run right after work or in the morning before work. No excuses! It’s all part of a healthy lifestyle that will pay off in the end–not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.




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