“Surprise Sale” at Jacob

**April 29, 2012**

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is a surprise sale right?

But it’s literally what it sounds like. A sale that took place to everyone’s surprise…even the retail store. Eunice and I walked into Jacob at Metrotown and there was lots of signage around that read “40% Off Everything” regular priced in store. Jacob has some really awesome stuff–especially for the working woman like myself..hah– so 40% off everything (minus the small collection of new stuff) is a sweet deal. Yes I will admit that regular priced items at Jacob are not the cheapest or the more affordable, but when you are subject to taking 40% off the entire store….perspectives change.

We talked to some of the sales associates to get to the bottom of this crazy sale, because it just seemed so random for the entire store to be 40% off…unless they were closing down or something…Rest assured, they are not. But the sale was definitely a surprise to the Jacob employees. Apparently it started yesterday, after the store received a random phone call from head office saying to start the 40% off promotion right away. So of course Eunice and I shopped around but thankfully we did not go overboard. I did like a lot of items there, but the logical me refrained from buying it all. So I only walked out with two pieces:

1. Grey ankle trouser: 

Eunice actually has the exact same trousers. I really really liked them so what did I do? Buy the exact same pair for myself! To be fair, she is moving out soon, so I will not get the chance to borrow them. Anyway, you all know my love for skinny trousers and ankle trousers for work. I don’t think I would buy a regular pair of dress pants (bit of flared leg) if I could help it. This particular pair of trousers is very comfortable and not stiff like some other trouser material. The original price for these trousers was $60. But with the 40% off, I paid $36. Not bad for a good quality pair of pants. And they look so cute with flats, heels or booties like I’m wearing them above.

2. Red/white pinstriped sleeveless blouse:

 This top is very preppy chic, a style that I love but probably don’t do enough of. The fact that it is a collared sleveless top already gives off that preppy feel, but the black tie around the neck is what sold me on this. It would be perfect to wear to work on a warmer day or possibly even to the races or to a country club (not that I frequent them often..I just think it would be appropriate attire for that sort of occasion!) With the right denim and heels, I could probably also wear this top out on a classy sort of night. This top was originally $40, and 40% off brought it down to $24.

Although the signs around the store said the 40% off promotion ended today (From April 28-29), the cashier told us that sometimes they will extend the sale. So I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re at the mall tomorrow, or if you just love Jacob, because there’s a good chance the promotion will still be on!

Happy sale shopping!



2 thoughts on ““Surprise Sale” at Jacob

  1. Aw thanks! Sorry for the delayed response! But I would recommend Banana Republic or Jacob or Zara. Those are my go-to stores for all kinds of trousers 🙂 Good luck and thanks for reading 🙂 🙂

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