Joe Fresh and Joe Clean for Spring

And I actually thought I would hold off on shopping for the next while…HAH.

The bright side is that I’m a cheap shopper anyway, so I’m able to find good deals on my low budget. Which brings me to today’s blog post: Going to Superstore for groceries, but ending up leaving with more Joe Fresh clothing than food.

I thought I would be able to resist Joe Fresh clothing, because I’ve noticed it’s slowly gone up in price within the last year (RIGHT?!). But what I’ve learned is that when Joe Fresh has a sale, you don’t want to miss out. Here are the sponataneous purchases (without any regret!) I made last week:

1. White croquet sweater t-shirt

I pretty much knew I was getting this top before even trying it on–it was one of those “that’s so me!” pieces.  And despite the fact that I do kind of look like a doily or a lace table cloth in this top, I still appreciate the vintage look and feel, and the cropped shape of it. This top was originally $40 CAD (which I would not have bought if it was), and I got it for $20 CAD.

2. Beige cardigan with cable detailing

I decided to switch it up with the purchase of this cardigan which is unique to the others I have because of the cable knit detailing on the front. What do you guys think? It may not seem as practical as a regular cardigan because the front is a bit bulkier, but it really makes no difference when wearing a jacket on top of it (big pet peeve of mine, as you may recall!) I think the cable knit detailing actually makes the piece look more interesting and more dressy than your regular cardigan…like the one below. This piece was again originally $40 CAD, and on sale for $20 CAD. *High Five* for 50% off markdowns!

3. Navy blue oversized cardigan

This piece was the exception to the 50% off streak I was urns. I paid the original $34 CAD for this cardigan, which is not overly expensive…but still. Not 50% off. haha

The combination of fit, length and colour was what sold me on this piece. There’s nothing really special about a navy blue cardigan, but I’m always looking out for longer cardigans that would match with a lot of work clothes, so when I saw this, I was drawn to it. Plus, if you can tell, on the ends of the cardigan, I have the option of tightening it, which would change the style and length of it. Not something you normally see in a regular cardigan.

4. The MC Hammer Pants

The last item I wanted to share–which might not be so obvious–are the cloth trousers I am wearing in all the photos above. You would not believe where I bought these pants. Even I don’t believe where I bought them from, because I never shop there. I was browsing at Costa Blanca last week, and came across these pants. I decided to try them on, half thinking I wouldn’t like them, but half thinking I would love them. Sure enough, they were a great fit and I knew they would match with other pieces I had in my wardrobe because they were quite casual and were black (two things with which you can’t go wrong.) I paid regular price for these pants, which were not pricey at all, ringing in at $22.50 CAD. And I’m making great use of these pants already (this post should be proof of that haha)

Moral of this blog post?
Let it be known that there are indeed some items that even I, eudorable, would purchase at full price :p


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