Gap Fills My Shopping Void

Last weekend, I went to pick up me and Euni’s long peacoat from Aritzia, you know, the one whose buttons always need to be reinforced. But Aritzia is really great with making sure the buttons get fixed for its customers. Thumbs up!

I told myself it would be a short trip to the mall to pick up the coat and leave. An in-and-out sort of thing. So did that happen? Hells no. It just takes a bit of walking around the mall before you are drawn into temptation of shopping. Even one store can do a lot of damage. We’ve all been there. On the one hand, I love sales, but on the other hand, they are curses because they’re like an indirect black hole and without even realizing it, you are sucked in and buying stuff when you just went to Seattle two weeks ago and spent too much money there….Don’t you hate when that happens…

On this particular weekend, Gap had not quite completed their renovations yet, so there was still a makeshift entrance to the store, which honestly did not look too appealing or attractive. But I think the pastel coloured clothing by the entrance caught my attention, so I went in to have a look. Little did I know, they were having a mega sale, meaning that on top of a whole selection of clothing being on sale, there was an additional 30% off those sale items! I managed to stay in that Gap in Metrotown for a good few hours, just trying different items on and deciding between colours of the same styled item (For one particular item, I loved it so much that I bought two different colours of the same item…has that ever happened to you before? Just say yes.)

So without further ado (whatever–you probably scrolled down to the pictures in my blog anyway without reading the very interesting and informative content above ha!), here are my purchases from Gap over the weekend, which I am absolutely  raving over!

1. Neon pink striped 3/4 top- $14.97- 30% off = $10! Original $34.95
2. Magneta boyfriend cardigan- $20- 30% off = $14. Original $44.98
3. Purple casual t-shirt- $22 – 30% off= $15.40. Original $30
4. Pale pink casual t-shirt- $22- 30% off= $15.40. Original $30
5.  Coral/orange sleeveless top- $33- 30% off= $23. Original $55

If you actually calculate it, I saved quite a large amount of money! But what I love most about my purchases is that they are not limited to be worn only for work, or only outside of work—the pieces are all quite versatile that I can dress them up or down–most of them are more for dressing down. But I managed to get a range of warm colors, from the pastels to the neon, to the deep and vibrant tones.

It was another happy shopping weekend for me–this time without breaking the bank! 🙂 Happy Easter and Happy Shopping this long weekend!


5 thoughts on “Gap Fills My Shopping Void

  1. Eudora I love love love those jeans on the very far left. THe light jeans with the rips. Where is it from? I am trying to a DIY with ripped jeans but those are just so cute. And I tried the maybelline falsies mascara and it has become my new favorite 🙂 THanks for the recommendation.

  2. I would never pull something like that off! Asians (especially those who were Korean and Japanese) looks good in anything they wear. It’s so unfair! hahaha 😀

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