A Cup of Very High Tea

On Friday, I finally got around to using the coupon I purchased last year from Deal Find Vancouver— A 2-for-1 coupon for high tea at Fairmont Vancouver.

Around the same time I bought the coupon last year, my sister received one as her birthday gift. It was such an awesome deal, and I remember making arrangements in my head as to when me and my sister would go, and who else we would go with.

Fast forward to one year later, and I still hadn’t used the coupon yet…

In fact, not only had I not used the coupon, I almost forgot about it and by the time I did remember (mid-February) and called Fairmont to make a reservation, absolutely all  the Saturdays in March were booked up (the coupon couldn’t be redeemed on Sundays)…and the coupon expired on March 28, 2012. D’OHHHHH.

I wanted to book for March, since it was my birthday month, so I just made a reservation for Friday March 9 late afternoon because it would be just a week after my birthday. I hadn’t consulted with anyone before making the reso, so I hoped that I would be able to convince my sister along with two of our friends to get off work early and come to high tea.

My, how well that turned out. I ended up going to high tea with my older sis, my 16 year old sis, and my Dad! We had never had high tea together before, and I think it was my Dad and younger sister’s first time too. But you know what? We had such a great time! The tea, pastries and finger foods were so delicious, I don’t know why we don’t go to high tea more often! Lots of funny stories were shared, which brings me to what I think is a great part of high tea–the conversation and chit chat that takes place over the scones and the Earl Grey Lavender teas.

Photo credit: Eunice Koh

Special thanks to Ronan Barrett, Regional PR & Internet Marketing Executive with Fairmont Hotels PNW, who came by our table to offer us sparkling champagne and to say hello after I tweeted that I was going to be at Fairmont that afternoon.
The entire experience from start to finish was amazing, and now I see why Fairmont is one of the cities best for high tea.  I loved everything–the service, the food, the teas and the atmosphere. I still have to try other places around town, but Fairmont is definitely one of my favourites so far. Thanks to Ronan for his recommendation of Fairmont YVR and Fairmont Waterfront; I am looking forward to trying their unique twist on the delicacy of high tea.

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