A $28 Aztec Ring?!

Last week during lunch time, I walked over to Urban Outfitters to exchange something….but not only did I not exchange it, I also bought more stuff from the sale section there! So typical Eudorable. haha Thought I’d share a mini haul of what I bought 🙂

Silence + Noise Top
I was lucky enough to find this top in the Urban Outfitters sale section upstairs–It was the only one there and it was hidden amongst the racks on racks on racks of clothing (ahaa..). If you’ve been to the Urban Outfitters sale section before, you know how messy and scattered things usually are. So when I was able to find this top and in an XS too, I decided I wanted it without even trying it on. Pretty daring eh? I’m pretty good about guestimating my size, and this top was no different. I think it fits really well. I can wear it with either a tank top underneath or not, so I like that because the blue part of the shirt covers what needs to be covered. This top was originally $70CAD  but I got it on sale for$40CAD!  Okay so it’s not the BEST deal, but it was love at first sight. One of those, for all those shoppers who understand what I mean :p

I also managed to find a sweet snakeskin belt from the sale section upstairs of Urban Outfitters. I am starting to move towards the colored or patterned belts as opposed to the browns, blacks and greys. This belt was originally $24CAD but was on sale for $10CAD!  I’ve already worn this belt with so many of my denim. Even though it is patterned, it’s still easy to match, because the snakeskin pattern is not too overwhelming, not to mention the belt is so skinny.

At the very last minute while lining up to pay, I glanced over at the jewellery section by the registers and saw some red price tags, which are always an indication of a SALE! I browsed around and found this Mesopotanian Aztec looking ring which was so cool because of the colours and shapes. But the selling point for me was that it was $4.99CAD  from the original price of $28!!! I know I’m thinking the same thing: What the heck, I would never buy this ring for $28..so not worth it. But $5 I can handle :p

Happy Shopping!



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