Kindness Rocks Performs in Victoria schools to Promote Anti-Bullying

“Be the change you want to see”

I was so fortunate enough to have met Jonas and Jeanette (along with the other fantastic members from the core team) last year when Magnolia helped with PR and communications for the 11th Annual World Kindness Concert. And what a success it was! Nearly 1200 people were in attendance, but the energy that was given off and shared made it feel like there were five times the amount of people there. The team behind the World Kindness Concert is comprised of such genuinely good and caring people so of course when it was mentioned that Kindness Rocks was going to be held in Victoria this year in conjunction Anti-Bullying Day,  we (Magnolia) were on board to help with PR messaging and media outreach. Kindness Rocks has reached an estimated 50,000 students in BC with the messages of kindness, compassion, forgiveness, social responsibility.

Now that I have actually experienced first-hand what it is like to be at a Kindness Rocks concert, I can accurately describe what it is and what the group is trying to achieve beyond just wearing a pink shirt. Sorry in advance for the poor quality of photos–I will include nicer ones once I receive them from the photographer.

Kindness Rocks is a group of around 10-15, some musicians, performers, and crew members, that travel around BC schools performing a concert for students which promotes the message of anti-bullying and kindness.  This is done by performing well-known and inspirational pop songs that students recognize and can sing along to, sharing stories of when group members were bullied or were even once bullies, and inviting students to be part of the crew as choreographed dancers (rehearsed beforehand). This allows for students to think in a different mindset, exposing them to discussion about bullying which includes not to be scared to speak up if they are being bullied, or to forgive themselves if they are bullies.  Because of their ability to open up to the audience and make every single student in the group feel special, Kindness Rocks is able to create such a warm feeling wherever they perform–they will have both students and staff standing up and dancing along to their music!

The Kindness Rocks concert today was performed in conjunction with Pink Shirt Day, or Anti-Bullying Day, at Victoria High for three groups of students: grades 10-12, 6-9, and K-5. Although the groups vary in age and maturity, the message and take away were universal, and I quote Lady Gaga: “I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way”.

As an audience member at a Kindness Rocks performance, I had goosebumps not only from the talent I was witnessing, but the passion and commitment this group has to spread their love to everyone. I know Jonas and Jeanette personally, and this is truly the epitome of what a power couple is. They are the masterminds behind Kindness Rocks, pour their blood, sweat and tears into all concerts, which are performed all throughout the year and graciously received by the schools. A huge contributor to Kindness Rocks is Coast Capital Savings, a generous credit union that supports and sponsors every Kindness Rocks concert. Kindness Rocks would not be able to make the positive change that they are without Coast Capital. Says Wendy Lachance, Director of Community Leadership at Coast Capital Savings:

“By supporting anti-bullying initiatives that teach kindness and respect, Coast Capital is helping youth belong in their school and community. This supports our promise “to help build a richer future for youth in our communities.”

It was such a pleasure to be involved in Kindness Rocks on Pink Shirt Day this year. I know it’s only upwards and onwards for the group and I truly believe that they will continue to positively impact everyone who is introduced to Kindness Rocks. The group will be performing at Spectrum Secondary on Friday March 2 before heading back home to Vancouver. For more information, visit their website at 

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