My Spring Must-Haves!

Despite the bizzare snow, hail and cold we’ve recently been having, look on the bright side: We can look forward to spring in just less than a month.  With hopes that the new season will bring warmer weather, here are my must-have items and styles for spring! I got all of my photos from Polyvore, unless stated otherwise.

1. Spring inspired blazers
Peaches, pinks, oranges and yellows all seem to be very popular warm spring colors, so it’s no surprise they are popping up as blazer colours too. What else is there to say about them–I want one in every colour! But of course that’s not practical (nor cheap), so I would probably settle for one or two for my spring must-haves!




2. Neon colours
Bright and vibrant tops, shoes, and jeans are all must-haves for spring. But the key is to wear them in moderation–I do not advise wearing a neon top, shoes, and jeans in one outfit..unless it’s 80’s Night. In all seriousness, even a small pop of neon colour would add vibrancy to an outfit. This could be a top, or something as small as a bracelet, nail polish, a necklace or a tank or cami underneath a shirt.

3. Wedges
Wedges are more common in summer, but who says you can’t have a pair in your spring wardrobe! They’re great to wear with spring dresses, cropped denim, and really add that casually chic element to an outfit. Though they are more popular in summer, I think you will start seeing some great strappy styles coming out in spring.

4. Loafers
You can be sure to catch me in this comfy and styling footwear, that has emerged as a popular and trendy alternative to more dressy flats or short heels. And yes they do pair well with even trousers, not just skinny jeans. I know when some people hear the word “loafers”, they tend to think of Tom Tom’s, or fuzzy sheepskin moccasins. However, there are  dressier flats that would be considered loafers, such as those on the right.

5. Leather strapped watches
I hadn’t thought about wanting a leather strapped watch until talking to a good friend the other day. I complained to her that I wanted another watch, this time a two-toned one in rose gold and silver. She asked why I hadn’t considered getting a leather strapped watch, which is essentially like a chronograph boyfriend style watch, with a similar sized face but with a thick leather strap. It’s a nice change from the chunky watch, but still has that professional and sophisticated look to it. If you’re going out at night though (club, lounge etc), I still think the chronograph/metal boyfriend watch looks better (with dresses, fancy tops, camisoles). The leather strap makes me categorize this watch into more of a daytime piece. Regardless, I’m pretty sure a leather strapped watch will be my next watch purchase 🙂

6. Full brows
This is something that I already have (sometimes a little too full..), but in all seriousness, who doesn’t know that full brows are in these days?! I don’t think these full eyebrows are going away anytime soon either.


7. Hot pink lips
I’ve recently started to brave bright lips–both red and pink. In particular, I will try a more matte hot pink colour this spring. Because my complexion is more fair, I’d probably opt for a more fushia hue. A great tip when wearing any kind of bold colored lip is to apply it on first so you can coordinate your outfit and rest of makeup to work with it. Otherwise you if you wear heavy face and eye makeup that doesn’t go well with your hot pink lips, you will be guilty of clown-face syndrome :S

8. Bubblegum pink nails
Just like hot pink lips, I know that pink nails are going to be must-haves for many ladies this spring. There are so many different shades and hues of pink, but I think the pastel/bubblegum pink is especially pretty and so appropriate for spring. Taking it one step further, I think all pastel colours come into popularity during spring, whether it’s yellow, blue, green, purple, or pink of course. Photo credit: Manicure Design

9. Buns!
I’m all about the high bun (aka pineapple head), and the low bun because they both look so different and can really pull together a look (Hair is so key in overall appearance isn’t it?) I usually prefer a looser more messy bun (both high and low) but of course if I’m going for the more sophisticated and classy look, the tight bun would be more appropriate. Watch for the bun trend to be popular this spring, because as popular as tousled hair and curls are, us girls need to change it up once in awhile!

10. Pleated ankle trouser

Last but not least, if you know me, you would know this is my favourite pant ever! I think I like it more than denim and leggings now!  There are a plethora of styles out there, but my favourite trousers come from Urban Outfitters, Zara, and Forever 21. They are so comfy, it’s like wearing sweats to work except they look 100 times better and they can be very flattering, especially if you get the high waist cigarette styled (narrow ankle). Look for this spring must-have item in retail stores everywhere! I am quite certain there is high demand for these stylish pants, and look out for different styles, colors and possibly even patterns!


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