Jazz up those Casual Pieces

I work at a PR/marketing agency, whose office environment is more or less casual, so long as there are no client meetings that day.

Because I am not obligated to wear business attire, nor do I want to show up in my sweats and hoodie, I’ve figured out a nice balance between the both, that is appropriate for work.

Some people may keep their work clothes separate from their casual clothes, or clothes they would wear when they go out with friends, or for dinner or drinks. And of course it’s because those people tend to have more strict work attire to stick to. Fair enough. But considering where I work (agency environments are more  than the typical office), I wanted to show how simple it is to incorporate 3 very casual items (on their own) into a business casual look, or at least one that is appropriate for the work attire.

1. Jeans
Many people don’t associate jeans with being appropriate for work, but if you pair them with heels, that would definitely be business casual–at least where I work.

2. Tshirts, prints, tank tops
Solid t-shirts, or even lace and printed ones might not be top-of-mind when it comes to dressing up for work, but here’s a suggestion, if you don’t do it already: wear a blazer on top of a simple t-shirt, printed/lacey shirt, or even tank top! This is why I love blazers, they have that ability to transform a look from casual to more preppy and professional.

3. Leggings or tights
I know that some companies don’t permit their employees to wear leggings or tights to work–if that’s you, then this probably won’t be relevant. I do wear leggings to work, but carefully. I think it’s important to look professional at work, so I pair my leggings with a long sweater or long sweater dress, making the leggings then seem more like thicker stockings rather than long super form fitting spandex. If I was going out at night, that might be a different story. But at work, I do not wear my leggings as “pants”…if that makes sense.

There are many other casual pieces that I did not go over in this post, I just wanted to highlight 3 which I have comfortably integrated into my daily work wear. This is and example of what I could wear out at night, and at work too (with a blazer or cardigan on top). The earrings and scarf are totally work appropriate in my opinion. I’d probably ease up on the makeup tho 😛

Do you agree? Disagree? Feel free to comment below on what casual piece you’ve been able to style into a work appropriate outfit!


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