Chunky is IN

I recently bought a pair of thick heels from Forever 21. They were a pretty spontaneous purchase, but sometimes you just have to go with your instinct when you instantly fall in love with an item, like I did with these heels. They’re so friggen cute! It was also a bonus that they only cost me $30CAD! (I love you Forever 21)

Just by looking at them, you can probably tell that these heels are super comfy–that’s thanks to the chunky wedged heel. This pair of heels definitely aren’t as high as some others I have, but that’s why they are such a unique style. On a nice enough day, you can even wear them to work. There aren’t too many things you need to specifically consider when wearing a chunky heel…except maybe that your legs won’t look as long in them because the heel may not be as high as some of your other heels… But with that in mind, you can wear this heel with jeans, leggings, jeggings, trousers, or even a dress (I think it would look better with more form fitting styles of dresses).

The last thing I have to say: I’m sure this is not the last you will see of the chunky heel–I anticipate that this style of heel will emerge to be very popular in spring and even summer–They’re already starting to gain popularity now in retail stores. The chunkiness of the heel can range from the pair that I bought (which I think is pretty damn chunky) to the styles in the image above, some of which are more blocky, and some which are chunky, but in varying thickness. If you don’t already have a pair of chunky heels, I recommend getting them. Chunky is IN!

Here is how I wore my new chunky heels over the weekend. Nice and simply paired with dark blue denim and a cream colored top.


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