Can’t get enough of Chloé

Move over, Ralph Lauren. I think I have a new favourite fragrance that I am so addicted to (Seriously, I keep on smelling myself that’s how good it is)

Chloé is the perfume I’m talking about. By no means is it a new perfume out there (It was created in 2008), but it’s one that I’ve smelled before, and have recently just been introduced to…thanks Euni!

Straight from its website, “Chloé’s signature scent captures the creative, confident individuiality of the Chloé woman. A fresh and feminine fragrance suited to a free spirit with an utterly innate sense of chic”.

But wait, what does this all mean? How could a bunch of elegant and sexy sounding words possibly translate to a SMELL? I think the most simple way to describe the Chloé fragrance  is light, sweet but not too sweet, with just a hint of floral (not the heavy rose or pungent kind) that keeps you wanting to smell more, and a big part of the scent I believe is lychee. It’s not an overpowering smell, but is one that you distinctly remember and won’t forget.

Again on the Chloé website, the perfume is a “combination of floral powdery notes, sprightly hints of peony and lychee and the embellishment of springtime freesia” 

At the Bay, you can purchase a 50ml (1.7oz) bottle of Chloé for $90CAD, and a 75ml (2.5oz) for $115CAD. For those who have not smelled Chloé before, I know it’s difficult to describe a scent, and I can’t show you through a computer screen, so you’re just going to have to go into Sephora or a department store like The Bay or Sears, to smell it for yourself!  Hope you love it as much as I do!



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