The Down Low on Blazers

I recently read an article in a magazine that discussed the different styles of blazers for each unique body type, some of which I agreed with, some of which I didn’t. So I wanted to share my personal opinion and thoughts (or ramblings) on the three main styles of blazers, what body type would look good in which, along with how to wear each style of blazer with your outfit. I am not trying to create generalization in any of my opinion, so take it for what it is!

1. Cropped blazer– The cropped blazer is known for elongating and lengthening the upper body, which is perfect for the shorter and wider body shape, because as most cropped jackets do, it can change the basic proportions of our silhouette. Wear this blazer if you want to elaborate and draw attention to a slimmer waist as well as upper body from torso to neck area.
Wear it with: ankle-length pants, slouchy trousers,  jeans, patterned pants/leggings, both mini and maxi dresses, lover cut shirts. In my opinion, wearing a longer shirt or a dress with the cropped blazer would be ideal but make sure your shirt or dress doesn’t flare out too much when worn with a cropped blazer, and be careful about buttoning up your cropped blazer, when worn on top of long shirts or dresses to ensure no bunching of fabric. Here are some examples of the cropped blazer: photos:


2. Classic blazer– The classic style encompasses a blazer length that sits around your hip area, and is more snug around the waist and throughout the upper body. Personally, I see this style of blazer being most dressy of the three mentioned here. I also don’t prefer wearing classic blazers (I love boyfriend blazers as you will learn below), but that’s not to say the classic blazer isn’t stylish or does not look good–it does. This blazer would look best on the more petite body shape, for example, my sister who is both more petite and shorter than I. She actually does not like wearing boyfriend blazers as they appear too big on her, so she will always opt for the shorter, more fitted classic blazer.
Wear it with: classic business attire like dress shirts, dressy tops with ruffles, laces, etc. Or to be more casual, you can wear it with a t-shirt. Classic blazers also look good with fitted pencil skirts or trousers. Here are some examples of the classic blazer: photos:


3. Long/boyfriend blazer– The boyfriend blazer is my favourite style of the three. I think it’s because I can wear so many layers underneath if needed (it’s a baggier fit), and I like that I can create so many casual yet chic looks by pairing it with say, a plain t-shirt or a camisole/sleeveless top (You know me, I love versatility). Plus, the boyfriend blazer is easy to wear and looks good on most body types, hence its popularity in the women’s retail and fashion scene.
Wear it with: I usually mix opposites when I wear a boyfriend blazer, so for example,  a feminine or soft layering top to balance the masculinity of the blazer, which is long and fits loose around arms and body. And because the blazer fits baggier, it looks awesome with slim pants or leggings, skinny jeans, or even cuffed jeans with heels or platforms. Another styling tip is to wear the boyfriend blazer with your pretty dress or skirt if you’re hitting the town. Once again, there is a masculine and tomboyish feel in the boyfriend blazer, which is nicely countered by the feminine and sweet skirt/dress.

It might seem obvious, but make sure that the fit of the boyfriend blazer isn’t too big; even though the boyfriend blazer is looser than the cropped or classic, you still want to avoid looking too boxy or top heavy. It’s a good idea not to wear too many thick layers when trying on the blazer, but instead wear a layering top or a camisole/t-shirt so you can see its true fit. Contrarily, you don’t want a boyfriend blazer that is too tight. Not only will it look awkward and obviously too small, you will be uncomfortable in it :S . If you’re like me, you will like to roll up your sleeves on the blazer you’re wearing–I make it a point to buy blazers with interesting or detailed sleeve lining, whether it is a bright colour or one that’s striped (you’ve seen them before), so it looks cool when I fold or roll up the sleeves. On the other hand,  I would also  go for the blazer with ruched sleeves that are already pushed up. Here are some examples of the boyfriend blazer: photos:

4. Me! From a previous post on outerwear


3 thoughts on “The Down Low on Blazers

  1. Thank you Melissa! I’m the same–After writing so much about blazers and looking at the photos I shared, I want to buy them all…Especially the boyfriend blazers, cuz those are my fav :p Pink one is super cute for upcoming spring/summer! Thx for reading!

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