What’s In Your Closet? The Skinny Trouser

Check out my latest “What’s In Your Closet” piece on The Modline: The Skinny Trouser

I love trousers, especially now that I’m working full-time. They’re such a great work pant I can dress casually or more formally in, simply by the top and shoes I wear. I think they look bomb when worn with a belt and when you tuck a cami or blouse into a slightly high-waisted pair. I have to be careful when buying skinny trousers though; sometimes the sizes are deceivingly big–mainly in the bum area. So unlike many other types of clothing that I can get away with buying without trying on, I must try on trousers–no matter what style–before purchasing them.

One thing I am a little hesitant about is wearing coloured trousers. Sure, I know they’re probably “in” right now, but I like to purchase my wardrobe heavily based on practicality and functionality, therefore I do not tend to buy too many printed, floral or patterned pieces (Not saying I don’t own any. I do).  I saw a pair of coral trousers whose style I absolutely adored, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy them mainly because I couldn’t picture myself wearing them too often. The point is, I think I would fare better with colored denim rather than colored trousers. But going back to the highlight of this WIYC piece, lately I’ve been having tonnes of fun experimenting and creating new outfits with my recently purchased new pairs of trousers. They are seriously my most favourite pant at the moment….yup, I even prefer them over denim. I hope after reading this WIYC piece on the skinny trouser, you are now inspired to (if you haven’t already) at least try on a pair of trousers– If you look hard enough, chances are you’ll end up finding a pair you like; trousers can be found almost every women’s casual/working retail store. Just don’t make the mistake I did  of wearing the same pair of trousers for like 4 days in a row, because I love them just so much! :p


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