Perfect In Pink

No, this post isn’t referring to how cute pink things are–that would probably be a whole entire post on its own! I’m just really excited about my new “Perfect Pink” brush set from Sephora that I received from my Secret Santa (Thanks NicKovalchuk!) If you’re trying or have tried to purchase this set in Canadian Sephoras, I believe it’s only available in the States.  (Thanks again NicKovalchuk!)

Up until around last year, I honestly didn’t care for makeup brushes…I got away with using the odd and end brushes here and there (which might explain my previous poor makeup applying skills :\).  But now I understand how helpful and beneficial using real makeup brushes is in makeup application–especially when it comes to foundation and eyeshadow. It really makes a difference. This brush set is everything I want–and more. Listed below are the names/use for each brush.



1. Fan
2. Powder
3. Blush
4. Concealer
5. Medium eyeshadow
6. Small eyeshadow
7. Blending
8. Brow comb
9. Angled liner
10. Lip

Even though there are specific uses for each brush, it’s not a big deal if you use your blending brush to apply your eyeshadow on your eyelid crease and then use it to blend too. For example, I sometimes used to interchangably use a bronzer, powder and blush brush to apply my highlighter and blush on my cheeks. Or, I would use a flat eyeliner brush to accentuate my eyelid crease when applying eyeshadow. But now that I have this set which includes so many brushes, I don’t need to have multi-purposes for each.

In my previous experiences, Sephora brushes are very good in quality, but you have to make sure to properly care for them (ie be gentle with your brushes and clean them with brush cleanser–I use QUO).

An alternative to the Sephora brushes are the Sigma brushes, which my sister uses, and are apparently very good quality. I think for all us girls who love makeup, love watching Youtube makeup gurus, and love trying out new makeup looks, we can never have enough brushes, especially since we use them on a daily basis and they will eventually wear down. So there you have it. My sharing and recommendations of Sephora makeup brushes for all you makeup lovers out there.


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