Secret Santa Shopping made Easy

Are you part of a Secret Santa gift exchange and are having difficulty thinking of gift ideas for your chosen person, or are having difficulty thinking of what to put on your own wish list (if you are part of something like an Elfster that allows you to create your own wish list)? If so, here are some great websites you might want to check out to generate ideas for what gifts to get others, as well as what you might want to include in your wish list..especially for those who are in a Secret Santa  with a $50 or lower limit. This list is for the reasonably priced Secret Santas because let’s face it, no one wants to be putting designer purses, watches, shoes, and fancy winter jackets on your wish list..

This is Why I’m Broke– This is an online magazine compiled of gift ideas from many different websites. They are usually fun, unique, and types of gifts you would not normally think of or consider. As a warning, some items on this website are totally ridiculous! There are many knick knack patty wacks on this website, but it’s a great starting point!

Yanko Design Gift Guide – There are a wide selection of gifts on here, some of which you will probably never ever find a need for, but some that you might think would be cool to just have. The focus of this website is, as its name suggest, the design of the product. So expect to pay higher prices for more minimalistic and contemporary products.

Photojojo Store – This is more for your friend who loves photography, because everything on this website is somehow camera or photograph related. It’s pretty awesome, even if you are not a photographer.

Kate Spade Under $100 – I don’t know if your Secret Santa will be willing to order from this New York website, but browsing through this page gives you an idea of what you want, and then you will be able to adapt it to what your Secret Santa would be able to get here in Vancouver. Kate Spade stuff is so adorable!

CNET’s Gift Guide – There are tonnes of $50 or less gift ideas for your techy friends as well as for you to put on your own wish list. I didn’t know that I could get an ipod shuffle for only $46!

Sephora – Every girl’s fantasyland (or at least mine) to browse through for gift ideas. Though the bigger makeup sets are going to be $100+, you can still find some smaller items like eyeliners, eyeshadows, blushes, lip sticks, and mascaras for under $50.


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