OMEGA Unveils New Boutique and The Planet Ocean Collection


Omega Speedmaster collection

I had the chance attend the unveiling event earlier tonight for the newly designed and expanded boutique right in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Though it was in a smaller space that was the new boutique, it was indeed a lavish affair. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were served in the brightly lit boutique that is home to so many exquisite Omega watches. Many of the watches in store cost a small fortune but what else would you expect from such a world-renowned brand that is as highly recognized as it is.

I talked to a customer sales representative there who informed me that a watchmaker himself (or herself) builds an Omega watch from start to finish and this usually takes 6-9 months for each…No wonder these watches cost an arm and a leg! During the evening, guests had the chance to have a preview of the new Seamaster Plant Ocean collection  which was “oohed” and “ahhed” over, and was a definite highlight of the night.

Other highlights of the night included:

Omega Constellation collection

  • A watch I was introduced to as a “masterpiece of work”, which was from the Constellation collection and which costs a mere $150,000
  • Being introduced to the manager of the Omega boutique and thanking her personally for the lovely event
  • The imported beers that were served…along with your wines, cocktails, Perrier, etc.
  • Definitely the sweet swag bags that were given to guests when they left!!

I peeked inside the swag bag while walking out of the event, but waited until I was home to see what goodies were inside: a Lindt tube of chocolates, a travel bag for toiletries and makeup, the latest edition of Lifetime magazine, an Omega Seamaster ball point pen, and a pack of sugar-free candy 🙂


 yes, I am drinking beer–stay classy.

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