Four Favourite Makeup Items

I was talking to my sister the other day, and the subject of makeup came up. We asked each other what makeup we could not leave the house without, knowing that usually we both wear at least a minimal amount of makeup when we leave the house. (I personally think that you can get away with a natural look when wearing minimal makeup, but that is a whole other discussion on its own..).

My top four makeup items that I would not leave the house without are:

1. Nars Orgasim Blush– $27
The name says it alll: this blush is orgasmic! Just peachy-pink enough, with some highlights of golden shimmer so that it’s not too matte. This is definitely one of the bare minimums of makeup for me; if I don’t have anything else, at least I won’t look pale and I’ll have a fresh glow!

If you have not yet used the Benefit highlighter, you must give it a try! You can test the product out at Sephora, and see how much of a difference it makes! The consistency of this highlighter is almost like a foundation, whereby you can spread it across your cheeks. This highlighter is the perfect base for applying some bronzer or blush right on top of it, accentuating your cheeks and giving off more of a glow. Once I was introduced to Girl Meets Pearl (Thanks Nicovalchuck!), I immediately fell in love with it! Definitely an essential to have on before leaving the house.

I don’t use foundation a lot, but when I do, I will use either the Laura Mercier foundation, or the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse. Both are effective in concealing dark spots and any blemishes, and they are light foundations that are not thick or too creamy to apply. I’m guessing that any sort of foundation is almost one of every girl’s essential makeup items that they wear before anything else.

Out of the four products, I would say I replace the Falsies mascara the quickest…I can go through that thing in a few months, not even! I love my mascara, especially when I wear no eyeliner. I think it is better to wear more mascara than eyeliner, because too much eyeliner will make your eyes look dark and heavy…and not dark in a good way. The more coats of mascara you apply, the more voluminous and thick your lashes will appear. Even though I’ve listed this as #4, I would say it truly is my #1 favourite makeup product.
If this were just three years ago, I would probably have eyeliner as my top makeup product I couldn’t leave the house without :\….But with the appeal and attraction for a more “natural look” nowadays, I’ve traded in the heavy eyeliner for a more light and less intense look, that can easily be achieved by using the four items above!
So girls, I hope this has triggered you to think about what makeup you can’t leave the house without, or without wearing, and also how much product you actually put on your blank canvas! Remember: Less is More!

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