Bargain Shopping never goes out of style

If you really know me, you know that I’m all about bargain shopping and buying things on sale whenever possible. If you didn’t…then now you know.

Buying things on sale is not something I think anyone should be embarrassed of—I know I definitely am not. In fact, I think I have a knack for finding an awesome deal. Believe me it is not as easy as it might seem, and for the following reasons:

  • You need a solid and confident sense of your own style so you can glance at an item quickly and decide if you love it enough to try it on or even purchase it right then and there. The latter is what I usually do, because I have a really good sense of my size and what would look good with the rest of my wardrobe.
  • At the same time, you need to be open-minded when rummaging through sale racks, taking into account that a lot of the items—even if they might not be your first choice—are normally not worth it if they were regular priced (to be honestly blunt).
  • You need to be patient! Some sale sections are messy, unorganized and let’s be honest, overwhelming. But put some time aside, and you will be surprised at what deals are out there in stores that you least expect (see list below).

I recently purchased some awesome money-saving sale items from Urban Outfitters that I want to share, because who doesn’t love a great deal!

  • Forest green tiered lace top: $20
    Bought this from the Urban Outfitters in Alderwood Mall.
  • Grey and black sweater dress: $30
    Bought this from the location on Granville.
  • Sheer turquoise and black sheer top: $20
    They missed the sale tag on the one I picked up, but it was definitely on sale. Also, remember what I forgot and that is to wear a tank top underneath
  • Pink/beige Keds shoes: $40
    Love these kicks! Bought from Granville Street location. Last pair left!

Some stores I recommend for great grabs:
American Eagle: Sale rack usually near the back of the store.
Forever 21
: No designated sale section, unless you are shopping online. There are some sale items spread out throughout the store, but they’re definitely not necessary because of the great regular prices F21 already offers
: There is usually a tiny sale rack somewhere in the store. It is not going to be easy to locate, but if you do find it, you’ll notice very awkward sizes and not a huge selection.
Urban Behavior
: No designated sale section, but there are regular mark-downs that are worth your time to check out.
Urban Outfitters
: Sale section, usually somewhere around or past the men’s section
:  This is where patience will come in handy. With racks and racks of women, men and children’s mark-downs, it’s easy to spend a few hours in Winners. But it’s definitely going to be worth it!

Keep in mind, this where I personally would go for sales, but there are many other retailers which I’m sure would have great deals too. Either way, put your bargain-searching skills to work, and Happy Shopping!


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