Getting into shape for summer!

I’m sure we’ve all made those (empty?) promises to ourselves to work on our fitness and achieve that “beach or toned bod” so that A) we don’t have to be that kid who wears a t-shirt at the pool or beach, and more importantly B) so we feel good about ourselves, inside and out..which may sound cliche but is very true. People go through ridiculous diets, exercise and they count calories, all in attempts to reach that ideal weight loss or….yea that’s about it.

Not that I’m a doctor or fitness guru or anything, but (I’m going to diagnose anyway) the main problems I see for not achieving their goals for the “beach or toned bod” are the following (you have heard some of these before):

-Being motivated and pumped up to start being active…only because of an upcoming vacation to somewhere tropical and beach-y. This is great and all, but why should your fitness/health be subject to whether you are going to Mexico this year or not. It shouldn’t. There really is no point in being motivated and buying a gym pass only for that one month before a trip, and then going back to being unmotivated/lazy after. BE CONSISTENT.

-Intense dieting. I’m sure everyone has heard of eating everything in moderation instead of cutting things out of their diet. So why doesn’t everyone who wants to shed some pounds live by this? Lack of self control? Excuse.  Instead of eating in moderation, many will deprive themselves of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Personally, I don’t agree with this plan because it will create more desire and craving, and giving into them, which will end up horribly for someone who is wanting to get into shape. DON’T DEPRIVE YOSELF.

-This is similar to above, but skipping meals is one of the biggest no-no’s for someone who wants to lose weight/get into shape. DON’T SKIP MEALS.

-Not pushing it to the limit. Going to the gym for an hour to socialize and watch others work out will definitely make time go by faster and it MAY feel like you are getting a good workout, but come on who are you kidding…You’re there to work out, so work out. Have a plan on what your target areas are for the session so you won’t stall and waste time there. Honestly I am not a big fan of the gym, but when I do go, I make sure to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT (I actually only run on the treadmill and occasionally I will do an arm workout..but still, I PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT).

Something that has (HAS) to be factored into the equation is that girls’ metabolism is never as fast as guys’ girls need to work harder when trying to achieve their ideal “beach bod”; however, this is not to say it can’t be done. I don’t go to the gym… BUT I am not a hypocrite because I am motivated to stay active and healthy. Having a 17 month old puppy really helps with this because I run with him almost every day. I prefer outdoor activities and sports to working out at the gym and it seems to be working out just fine for me. **I am not trying to achieve a “beach or toned bod” though**
Whatever your preference for staying active, make sure you do it. NO EXCUSES.

I am not offering universal solutions…maybe you will take something away from my advice/comments, or maybe you read something that triggered another thought. OR maybe you don’t agree with me. Either way, everyone is uniquely built, so my final comment goes back to what I wrote in the first couple of sentences which is that getting in shape should mean you feel good about yourself inside and out! (And yes, I had to leave off with that!)



One thought on “Getting into shape for summer!

  1. Great post! It annoys me when people think up of all these excuses of not working out too or if they are always complaining about being fat but never doing anything about it.

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