Everything IS a remix

So last night I finally got the chance to watch 3/4 parts of the web video series, “Everything Is a Remix”. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the short series–produced by New York based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson–gives an interesting and valid explanation that our culture is so dependent on the familiar that we just copy ideas, mix them around, maybe throw something new-ish in, and then release what is claimed to be the latest song, movie, or innovation (Ha! You’ll know why I’m Ha!-ing after watching the videos).

Okay, yes I knew before this video series that people reproduced existing ideas, especially in the realm of music (Have you seen Axis of Awesome and their musical demonstration that all hit songs are built on the same 4 chords? ?! Watch it here, it’s amazing!) Everything Is a Remix delves into a similar area, and basically reaffirms our collective thinking that yes, there is no (or hardly any) purely original idea, whether it is design, technology, music, literature, fashion. After watching the first 3 parts, I am very much looking forward to the 4th, which is going to be available online in fall. I guess this sounds like the beginning of Eudora’s recommendations for videos, documentaries and films…but it probably isn’t. I don’t watch enough of any to start regularly writing about any. Just wanted to share this series in particular, because I enjoyed it a lot.

Watch ‘Everything Is a Remix’




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