Check out The Modline!

In addition to this working so hard on this blog (….or not), I am a staff writer  for The Modline, a local online magazine that covers a range of  topics including fashion, music, art, and local events. I regularly write a segment called “What’s In Your Closet?” or WIYC, which highlights one hot item that we at The Modline think is in fashion or will make a comeback. We briefly discuss why we love it, where to purchase it, and how to wear it. Definitely check it out, because as someone who is not into a whole lot of designer brands and labels, I’ll still give my honest opinion on what I think of pairing certain clothing pieces together and why it either is or is not working for me. And sometimes you just want to hear what a PR/Communication focused 20-something year old has to honestly say about fashion okay!**

In addition to fashion, I’ve also interviewed local designers, clothing stores, and artists on their work and accomplishments.  I try to keep my articles short, but with a substantial amount of content…Trust me, there’s something for everyone on The Modline, and that’s why you should check it out if you haven’t already!

Here are my latest WIYC posts on The Modline. I will link them on my blog whenever I have a new post up.

What’s In Your Closet? The Crop Top

What’s In Your Closet? Orange You Glad It’s Orange!

What’s In Your Closet? Floral shorts

**Because of my interest in fashion and style, I’ve always considered starting my own fashion blog, but I know that would be a job in itself, so I’m going to stick to a more general blog for now, where I write about Rants, Ramblings, and Rage (which may actually include fashion-related material).


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