I got CARDED! at the Hot trading card art show

Over the weekend, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and attend an unconventional art show. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy and have attended art shows, but nothing like the Hot trading card art show on Saturday April 30, 2011 at Gallery Gachet.

The concept was remarkably simple: Throw in a DJ, throw in a bar, and take it back to the old school days where trading cards was a trend, except in this case, instead of Pokemon cards or hockey cards, we were trading for artists’ work! The artwork of 50 featured artists were framed on the walls of the cozy gallery, and guests were able to purchase a random pack of five art trading cards for $5 (Trust me, they were selling like hot cakes!).  If we didn’t get our desired choices of art work, we could trade with anyone there who also purchased cards.  Surprisingly, everyone got really into the bartering of cards, and of course, just like any economy, the trading of cards was fueled by supply and demand. Here, I am with one of the featured artists, Andrea Hooge, whose art work “Cat in Plaid” was considered one of the rare ones that night.

It was fun to participate in interactive art and negotiate with the other guests for the artwork I wanted. By the end of the night, I had purchased two packs of cards, and had swapped and traded so many that I probably only had a couple from my original ten.  The rest were a result of hard work, sweat, and tears–okay, maybe not, but I’m giving you all a word of advice now: if you attend one of these trading card art shows, or trading button art shows, the comparable analogy is networking; you have to be a go-getter, approach those who have what you want, and talk them up so you can obtain a favorable response…of course, the last part can be replaced with something a bit more subtle..

Any way, a big thanks to Stephanie, for inviting me to such an awesome event with a neat and very trendy concept! Check out the Hot trading card art show website here



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